Hello, I’m Mel.

Professionally, I’m a photographer based in northern New South Wales, Australia.

The printed photographic image is an important part of my creative process. To be able to hold a tangible item that evokes emotion and lasts a lifetime is priceless, especially in this fast paced digital world, where images are consumed so quickly, often never to be seen again.

My favourite projects involve paper, whether they are a single print, a series of images or a book.

I value quality and authenticity which I aspire to provide with my work. Attention to detail is my thing.

Personally, I’m a simplicity lover, a curious creative and a traveller. 

Love … books, book shops, vintage and handmade items, rustic cafes, real food, road trips, the country, acoustic guitar, analogue life, and animals.

Inspiration … real stories, creative people, wide open spaces, well loved items and imperfection.