8 Week Portrait Class - Moon

This is part 3 in an 8 part series about my discoveries, inspiration and creations with Don Giannatti’s 8 Week Portrait Class.

Sarah Moon, a fashion and commercial photographer and also filmmaker, is the master photographer on study for week 3. Her work has been described as being luxurious, nostalgic, other worldly and dreamlike. Models that are disengaged from the camera and sometimes blurred, become a compositional element of the frame. Textures and colour palettes that are different to the expected are also a feature of her work.

While Sarah Moon’s images don’t appear very deliberate, every element is most certainly placed to join together in the making of timeless images. Focus seems to be less on the technical aspect of lighting and making sharp modern images, and more on the emotional element and how the images make us feel. I found the way she describes her process in this video, fascinating.

After all these years, people hire me because they want my impression, they know what I do. I know how difficult it is too make a living as a fashion photographer, however, with so many photographers now working it is harder than ever to believe in your own vision, to listen to your own voice. That, though, is what any good photographer must do. That in the end is what it is all about. You have to listen to your own voice, to work for your self, and accept that it will make a difference.
— Sarah Moon

The words that I found in her work that I used to inspire my images were: mysterious, sensual, timeless, dreamlike, feminine and soft.  I used water on glass to create texture in camera as Sarah Moon would do, instead of adding texture in post processing. Reflections of the outside environment were carefully placed to add colour, highlights and shadows to the images, which added a sense of depth and mystery. Thanks again to my beautiful model Millie!