8 Week Portrait Class - Skrebneski

This is part 1 in an 8 part series about my discoveries, inspiration and creations with Don Giannatti’s 8 Week Portrait Class.

Starting off the New Year with an intense 8 week portrait class seemed like a good idea at the time. Well, after the first week, I think it was a fantastic idea! Oh, what fun is being had in the studio here! 

For the next 8 weeks I will be studying a modern or contemporary master photographer. Lighting, posing and editing techniques will be the focus (I laugh every time I use that word in a photography discussion). To be able to connect with the model, apply lighting and posing to capture their essence and create that emotion in the image is key. Learning how the masters do this, I'm sure will create some inspiration in my own work and benefit my clients.

So, week one we are starting with Victor Skrebneski. I hadn't heard of this photographer before last week. His use of one light source interested me from the start. I love simplicity. The light source was often placed high and above the subject, many times missing the catchlights in the eyes that are mostly sort after in modern photography. His dramatic use of shadows produced many dark, moody images. Intentional blur created by moving his camera also became a feature of his style during the 80's and 90's. Skrebneski was also known as the 'master of the crop'. 

This style of lighting is something I will be experimenting with further. I love the contrast, the shadows and the unusual cropping. Intentional blur also fascinates me as I have been using this to create abstract images, however have yet to try this with portraits.

These are my favourite images I made this week inspired by the Skrebneski style. Special thanks to my beautiful model, Millie and Jane, my assistant, agent and awesomest friend, amazing team effort!!

Millie © Mel Arnott 2015
Millie   © Mel Arnott   2015
Self Portrait

Self Portrait