Jane's inspiring organic vegetable workshops

Want to know how to grow your own healthy, organic veges? Then Jane's your gal. Last month she held another successful 'hand's on' (yes, meaning you have to get your hands dirty!) workshop at the Inverell Community Garden

Nutrition and healthy vegetables all start with the soil. Jane explains the process by breaking it down step by step, not only in theory, but in practice as well. Participants get to see and experience the making of a garden bed ready to plant.

Learning how to create micro-climates in your garden and using the seasons to your advantage is also on the agenda. Jane encourages discussion so that everyone can learn from each other. 

Jane's enthusiasm is infectious and it's obvious this is truly one of her passions. If you live in the area and haven't made it to a workshop as yet, she is also happy to do consultations right in your own backyard. 

Connect with Jane here and you will soon be experiencing the satisfaction of growing and eating your own delicious, fresh, organic vegetables. Not to mention contributing to a happy, healthy planet!