Paddock Pantry Manufacturing Day

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to visit Paddock Pantry on a manufacturing day. Herbalists, Pauline and Carol make small batches of therapeutic and skin care creams from herbs they grow in their own backyards, local suppliers and organic sources. Each batch is carefully made by hand using seasonal ingredients. Glass containers are used in preference to plastic as chemicals can leech out of the plastic containers and into the skin.

It was fascinating to watch the meticulous process of measuring and mixing (or whizzing as Pauline would say!) and the amazing variety of ingredients used. The day I was there, a new skin care cream called Revive was in the making and I was lucky enough to receive a sample. The smell of this cream is a divine mixture of coffee and vanilla. It almost makes you want to eat it instead of putting it on your skin. Personally, I can say, besides the delicious smell, this cream works wonders. It feels like it's actually feeding and nourishing the skin, and makes your skin firmer. Now who doesn't want that? If I had to choose only one cream to use on my skin ever, this would be it ... in fact, right now, it is!

To learn more about Pauline and Carol, their philosophies and to order their highly effective and therapeutic products, do your health and skin a favour and visit