Greenhill Orchards for New England Home & Lifestyle Magazine

One of my greatest joys of editorial photography is hearing all the amazing stories and the people I have the opportunity to meet. This one was no exception with Greenhill Orchards being in the Yeoman’s family for 151 years since being established in 1865. I spent a few hours visiting the orchard making photographs and interviewing Warren Yeoman, a sixth generation producer, for the Winter 2016 edition of New England Home & Lifestyle Magazine.

With harvest in full swing I was lucky to find fruit pickers, Nick from Adelaide and Steph from Canada, making their way down, what sometimes feels like never-ending rows of apple trees. In the shed, Warren’s father Ken was grading the good old variety of Granny Smith apples, and of course, a real farm is never short of a dog and a motorbike ... see more photos here.

Writing the article for this story and photographing a historic country orchard was an amazing experience to say the least.

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