Vintage Still Life

A visit to my friend Simone's house is always a pleasure. Not only for the great company and our enthusiastic conversations about creativity, fear, procrastination and everything art related in-between, but also because of her beautiful home and styling. I could spend hours in each room enjoying her collection of vintage homewares and watching the soft light falling through the windows that stretch up to reach the old style high ceilings. 

One styling tip I've learnt from Simone is to put all the same variety fruit of the same colour in one bowl. Having a solid colour creates a more visually pleasing effect, and I have to say, it works well. First thing I did when I arrived home, put all the green apples in one bowl and all the oranges in another. 

These are a few of my favourite images from one of my visits. Stay tuned for more from her kitchen, it's a vintage style photographer's heaven!