Nature's Inspiration Online Exhibition

After being fortunate to have this exhibition displayed at two venues this year, Ceramic Break Sculpture Park and The Union Bar, I have now launched a small series online on my website. Prints are also available to order online. Below is the press release with further information about the exhibition and some personal history.

An online exhibition will be opening on Friday 9 October, on Mel Arnott’s website: melarnott.com/gallery, featuring a small selection from her ‘Nature’s Inspiration’ series.

As a photographer, Mel loves the journey involved in the creation of beautiful images that glow with life and texture. She seeks out the unusual and quirky and aims to show the ordinary from an unusual point of view. Mel’s inspiration comes from a wide variety of things: nature, the simple things in life and slow travel. She travelled for nearly a year in the USA and the UK and won a Portrait Award in London. 

Closer to home she was one of only 50 selected from 700 applicants to study Photo Imaging at RMIT in Melbourne and in 2013 she won 2 photography awards and a miniature-etching award at the Inverell Art Gallery Exhibition. In this nature inspired series we can see some of the creative processes Mel brings to her work. Something will catch her eye ‘the sparkle of a dew drop or raindrop in the sun, a flower with an interesting pose or a vibrant colour.’ Or she will seek a character to create a story around and says she is often to be found ‘lying on wet grass, sloshing through fresh mud or seen with my head stuck in a shrub.’ Initially finding the subject and the exact light is a lengthy process. To create the print she wants the editing and printing process can be just as long. 

Signed prints of the images will be available to purchase via the online shop. Mel personally handles the printing and postage of all prints. They are created using archival paper and ink. More images and sizes are available on request. For further information, contact Mel by phone on +61 457 247 288 or via this contact form: melarnott.com/contact/.

It's show time!

Early March I had a call from Nerida from the amazing gallery, Ceramic Break Sculpture Park. She invited me to exhibit a collection of images from my Nature series in an upcoming show. The only catch was, it was in five weeks! Yes, five weeks to print, frame and name a collection of images, write the artist's statement and 'fluffy' stuff for the press release and panic (well only slightly, just for a minute or three). Of course I also needed up-to-date business cards and decided to print greeting cards of the series as well. The opening day is only two weeks from today, and I'm happy to say everything is running on time. I've completed the image and greeting card printing and the frames have arrived ready to display the finished works.

I have to say, there is nothing more exciting and satisfying than actually holding a print of an image you made. With the digital age, we tend not to print photos as much, viewing them sometimes only for seconds on a small screen. This just doesn't compare to viewing a print in person or seeing it on your wall every day. 

An excerpt from my artist statement to explain a little more about my inspiration for this series:

Sometimes something will catch my eye; the sparkle of a dew drop or raindrop in the sun, a flower with an interesting pose or a vibrant colour. Often the subject presents itself with a quirky little personality, waiting patiently to tell it’s story. Sometimes I will go looking for a character to create a story or wander around with the sunrise to see what I can find. I’m often known to be lying on wet grass, sloshing through fresh mud or seen with my head stuck in a shrub. Quite amusing to onlookers I’m sure, if they can’t see my camera and maybe still amusing if they can!

Also exhibiting in this show is Doug from Tamworth Leadlights. His work sounds extremely interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing his creations.

Opening day is Sunday 19th April, 2015. Come and enjoy a Sunday drive in the country, a BBQ and view some interesting and unique photography and glass works. Look forward to seeing you there!