Crafters Bar at Wandering Cooks

Located inside the Wandering Cooks warehouse in Brisbane, you will find a place to savour the efforts of artisan beverage makers. Serving both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, Crafters Bar supports small batch makers, local brewers and vintagers. 

Photographing this space in the afternoon was a pleasure with the gorgeous light filtering in from the large open clear covered wall. The small details of timber and greenery create a natural ambience, which enhance the feeling of being far from a busy inner city area.

Open every night of the week, this amazing space in the vibrant Southbank area of Brisbane is a great place to relax and enjoy true artisan beverages. Add a delicious burger made by Michael at For The Pickles, also available at the Wandering Cooks site and that's dinner sorted for the night as well.

Dutch and HiYo Silver

Previously abandoned in a field near Wagga Wagga, HiYo Silver is now a shining example of one man's creative thinking and an abundance of elbow grease. 

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Dutch and his gorgeous mobile cafe and bar, HiYo Silver, at the Wandering Cooks in Brisbane. With the help of a few friends, Dutch rescued this tiny caravan and with vision and determination transformed it into a work of art and new business venture.

Cutting the side of the van to fit the folding timber window and bar was a nerve racking experience Dutch recalls, however the result speaks for itself. The interior fit out is hand made and many original features have been retained, including the round window, now located in the back door. His design of lighting using kitchen colanders add to the ambience and rustic feel, and provide a great talking point.

Aesthetics aside, the coffee has visitors coming back for seconds, as does the chai which has a special touch of added fresh ginger. If you’re ever in need of hiring a mobile cafe / bar, you won’t be disappointed with Dutch and his infectious smile ready to greet your guests and keep them satisfied with his delicious beverages.

Find out more about Dutch and HiYo Silver on the website, Facebook and Instagram.

Greenhill Orchards for New England Home & Lifestyle Magazine

One of my greatest joys of editorial photography is hearing all the amazing stories and the people I have the opportunity to meet. This one was no exception with Greenhill Orchards being in the Yeoman’s family for 151 years since being established in 1865. I spent a few hours visiting the orchard making photographs and interviewing Warren Yeoman, a sixth generation producer, for the Winter 2016 edition of New England Home & Lifestyle Magazine.

With harvest in full swing I was lucky to find fruit pickers, Nick from Adelaide and Steph from Canada, making their way down, what sometimes feels like never-ending rows of apple trees. In the shed, Warren’s father Ken was grading the good old variety of Granny Smith apples, and of course, a real farm is never short of a dog and a motorbike ... see more photos here.

Writing the article for this story and photographing a historic country orchard was an amazing experience to say the least.

Read all about Greenhill Orchards in the New England Home & Lifestyle Magazine, in store now.